CORE Solutions have been designed to address the specific recordkeeping needs of plan provider organizations, providing them superior performance, scalability and flexibility. We have taken complete advantage of the latest technology to create a platform that is engineered for the new medium, deployable on the cloud and is operable in a SaaS model.

A 100% web client application – eliminates the need for additional software or applications on end-user desktops.

Rules engine – Combines easy-to-understand, hierarchical rule execution with a rich library of methods specifically developed to meet the needs of plan provider organizations.

Business process management – CORE Solutions platform treats multi-stage transactions as business processes. Built on top of a workflow engine, this gives the administrators the ability to design plan administration processes; involving multiple activities, with exceptions and escalations as appropriate.

Configuration – Allows organizations to extend the application data model and screens using logical, easily-understandable XML files.

Integration – Provides a variety of integration mechanisms, including a web services API, event-based messaging, and the ability to add integration adapters at any point in the application; including the facility to exchange data in any format.

Role Based Access – CORE Solutions platform ensures that every user has just the appropriate amount of access control rights that are enough for him/her to complete the intended task. It provides mechanisms for controlling access to an application, what functionality he or she can use, and what data he or she can view or edit.

White Labeling – White labelling feature helps in reinforcing both plan sponsors and plan providers’ brand identity at every contact point with the participant base. Whether it be customized menus and web pages or logo identification, it can be achieved through CORE Solutions at minimal cost, complexity and faster time to market.