Congruent’s SaaS platform will ensure that you stay ahead of the game with industry leading capabilities and technology. Our platforms ensure industry best practices, and can be tailor made to suit your requirements. All our modules are focused on self-service, are nimble and easy to use.

Our solutions are quick to deploy, and will cover everything from changing regulatory requirements, regular system upgrades, infrastructure, maintenance and support, guaranteed levels of service, security, backups and data recovery needs, increasing operational efficiencies reducing overall cost of ownership.

Congruent offers SaaS solutions on all modules of our CORE Point Solutions offering, as well as on the COREDC recordkeeping platform.

We provide streamlined, standardized and industry compliant comprehensive range of ready-to-use process solutions specifically designed for Retirement Plan Providers, Recordkeepers and Third Party Administrators (TPAs).

  • CORE Modules can be deployed on the cloud or hosted In-premises,
  • Flexibility to choose specific modules that can work alongside your existing recordkeeping systems
  • Flexible Integration capabilities, with dynamic Scalability

Our SaaS Point solutions include:

CORE Payroll – State of the art contribution processing system with intuitive messaging and self-service capabilities.

CORE Eligibility & Enrollment – Robust Eligibility assessment with regular and auto enrollment features

CORE Loans & Distributions – Completely self service capabilities for participants to model and request for loans and distributions online.