Congruent offers the ability to deploy the CORE Point Solutions as well as the end-to-end COREDC platform on the Cloud. With CORE-on-Cloud, you will have the ability to use one or more modules of the CORE platform in conjunction with your existing recordkeeping platform.

With futuristic functionality as well as technology, we will ensure that you stay ahead of the curve, and are able to offer an intuitive and seamless experience to your customers, and increasing your operational efficiencies – while not worrying about the infrastructure or data security.

All CORE solutions are built with a focus on self-service, and you will have the flexibility to pick and choose, as well as configure the product to fit your exact needs – right from the look and feel, menus, functionality offered, validations to be displayed, communications that can be sent out, input/ output files to even the workflow.

The cloud deployment will ensure high availability with close to a 99.99% uptime and can be accessed securely from anywhere. The flexibility in scale allows us to have a virtualized infrastructure in place, with the ability to scale up and scale down as required – ensuring that you pay for servers and infrastructure only when it is needed.

Our state of the art architecture enables us to integrate with your recordkeeping platforms in multiple ways such as files, APIs/ Web Services or even through ESBs such as BizTalk. The system is extremely scalable, supports multi-threading capabilities and high volumes of concurrent users.

With the options of a private or hybrid cloud, you can do away with large capital expenditures on hardware, upgrades and on infrastructure monitoring – all without having to worry about security, backups or disaster recovery.

The CORE-On-Cloud suite of solutions:

  • CORE Payroll
  • CORE Eligibility & Enrollment
  • CORE Loans & Distributions
  • COREDC end-to-end Record Keeping enterprise solution for DC Providers