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State-run retirement plans: How the US is trying to increase retirement coverage

Categories : Retirement Plans
Tags : Retirement plan administration Retirement plans Retirement technology
Author : Meera

A large number of US workers face an uncertain future – many don’t have enough savings and aren’t enrolled in retirement plans. In many cases, employers don’t offer retirement plans. Small companies are not able to afford it or don’t have the resources to administer such plans. Only a little more than 50% of small and medium businesses in the US now offer retirement plans.

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Lack of Standards in the Retirement Industry

Categories : Record Keepers Retirement Plans Blog Pension Funds Asset Managers Data Exchange Standards In The Retirement Industry
Tags : Asset Managers Data Exchange Insurance industry Record keepers Retirement plans Standards in the Retirement Industry
Author : Sagar

Having made a move from Insurance to Retirement like so many of my peers, I was first awestruck by the sheer numbers in this industry in terms of total assets: with the total assets of pension funds about $10 trillion more than insurance companies. Soon after, I was dumbstruck by the total lack of standards amongst record keepers and asset managers alike in the pension industry.

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