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Why Eligibility Processing for retirement plans is an important and complex process

Categories : Retirement Technology
Tags : Retirement technology Plan administrator Retirement & Pension Industry
Author : Dhiraj

Defined Contribution (DC) plans are set up and managed for the exclusive benefit of employees and their beneficiaries. Therefore, it is very important to decide on the eligibility criteria for an employee to become a participant of a DC plan.

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Blockchain in the Retirement & Pension Industry

Categories : Retirement Services
Tags : Retirement & Pension Industry Blockchain Blockchain in the Retirement
Author : Sagar S

The psychobabble around the term Blockchain has people believing that it will revolutionize the way systems, companies, and even the internet will work. It is touted as the next big thing with almost Quixotic expectations. Popularized by Bitcoins – many technology and finance companies are now evaluating where they can use blockchain, almost as if to suggest that we are finding problems to fit the solution.

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