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Everything you need to know about 401(k) plans

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Author : Padma G

When it comes to retirement plans, an increasing number of US employers seem to prefer 401(k) plans over other plans. This is largely due to how beneficial these plans are to them, as well as to their employees. 401(k) plans not only provide tax deductions for companies, but also provide an incentive for their employees to stay with them.

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Consolidate or Replace : IT Application labyrinths in the Retirement Plan Administration Organizations

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Author : admin

Plan provider organizations which complain about the cost of IT maintenance often fail to realize that the root cause for the humongous IT expenditures are the labyrinths of IT applications, they have coddled over years. Plan providers have built those software applications and even bought a few software packages from different suppliers one at a time, to support their ongoing business demands.

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