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The Times They Are A-Changin’

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Author : Sagar

The power of Insights and Analytics in Retirement. The tune that Dylan sang in 1964 prophesying change becomes more pertinent with each passing year. We know live in a time where a machine (Libratus) is capable of bluffing us and beating the best humans at Poker. Somewhere else, Target is predicting pregnancies based on the shopping habits of women.

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Automatic Plan Features, Planning Tools, Mobile Apps – What’s Next for the US Retirement Industry?

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Author : admin

Auto features like auto enrollment, auto deferral increase (ADI) have put millennials on path to retirement readiness# is a recent claim by the PLANSPONSOR® magazine. When we compare participation rates, saving rates, equity allocation percentages from a voluntary enrollment plan to those of an automatic enrollment plan, they are looking promising. In the PLANSPONSOR® study, 3.6% was the average deferral rate in a voluntary plan, and in the automatic enrollment plan it was 4.2%.

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