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Providing A Digital Experience On Top Of A Legacy Recordkeeping Platform – The Hows And Whys

Categories : Retirement Plans Retirement Plans Record Keeping
Tags : User Experience Retirement Plan Provider DIGITAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE DIGITAL
Author : Ajay P

Banks and insurance companies have adopted several innovative ways to get their users to take more action on the Web, removing barriers, to make it appealing to more people as well as cut operational costs. The retirement industry is no exception.

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Plan Conversion – Investment Strategy, Advantages and Challenges

Categories : Retirement plan administration Retirement Plans
Tags : Retirement plan administration
Author : Arun K

The plan conversion process involves inclusion of a strategic approach as per investment advice provided by the Registered Investment Consultant or Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) to the fiduciary of the plan.

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Plan Conversion – Benefits and Best Practices

Categories : Retirement plan administration Retirement Plans
Tags : Retirement plan administration Plan Conversion
Author : Arun K

As the saying goes, change is the only constant in life. We have to adapt, over time, in order to survive. In the world of retirement plans, preparing for change is, by itself, a Herculean task. Organizations consider plan conversion to stay ahead of the market.

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State-run retirement plans: How the US is trying to increase retirement coverage

Categories : Retirement Plans
Tags : Retirement plan administration Retirement plans Retirement technology
Author : Meera

A large number of US workers face an uncertain future – many don’t have enough savings and aren’t enrolled in retirement plans. In many cases, employers don’t offer retirement plans. Small companies are not able to afford it or don’t have the resources to administer such plans. Only a little more than 50% of small and medium businesses in the US now offer retirement plans.

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Why Eligibility Processing for retirement plans is an important and complex process

Categories : Retirement Technology
Tags : Retirement technology Plan administrator Retirement & Pension Industry
Author : Dhiraj

Defined Contribution (DC) plans are set up and managed for the exclusive benefit of employees and their beneficiaries. Therefore, it is very important to decide on the eligibility criteria for an employee to become a participant of a DC plan.

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A SIMPLE Retirement Plan For Small Businesses

Categories : Record Keepers Retirement Retirement Plans Retirement Savings Plans
Tags : Plan Document Recordkeeping Retirement Savings Plans
Author : Dhiraj

Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLE) are retirement plans offered by small businesses, which have simplified plan rules. The SIMPLE IRA plan combines features of a SIMPLE plan and a Traditional IRA plan.

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Why DC Plans Serve the Modern Workforce Better

Categories : Defined Contribution
Tags : Defined Contribution
Author : Meera

Today's workers, especially corporate employees, are more likely to change several jobs during the course of their careers. This is a significant shift from a few decades ago, when workers spent practically their entire careers in the same organization. Recent statistics indicate that employees are likely to switch 10 jobs or more in a career spanning four decades.

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Blockchain in the Retirement & Pension Industry

Categories : Retirement Services
Tags : Retirement & Pension Industry Blockchain Blockchain in the Retirement
Author : Sagar S

The psychobabble around the term Blockchain has people believing that it will revolutionize the way systems, companies, and even the internet will work. It is touted as the next big thing with almost Quixotic expectations. Popularized by Bitcoins – many technology and finance companies are now evaluating where they can use blockchain, almost as if to suggest that we are finding problems to fit the solution.

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Value of Reverse Engineering

Categories : BRD Application Programming Interface Re-engineering Reverse Engineering Reverse Engineering- Approach
Tags : brd Applicationprogramming interface Re-engineering Reverse engineering Reverse engineering-approach
Author : Rajeshkumar

Reverse Engineering of applications is a challenging yet rewarding process. Reverse Engineering helps us understand code that is without proper document. The concept behind reverse-engineering is breaking something down in order to understand it, re-engineer an application or to improve upon it.

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Game Changers!!!

Categories : API Adapter CICS adapter Labyrinths Legacy record keeping systems Pandora boxes Record Keeping Systems
Tags : API Adapter Labyrinths Legacy record keeping systems Pandora boxes CICS Adapter
Author : Sakthi

New Age ‘Intelligent’ Record Keeping Systems.In its record keeping survey for the year 2011, Plan Sponsor identified that more than 60% of current record keeping systems are legacy systems. Even systems built on mainframe technologies are considered outdated by current generation business. Technology writer Stewart Alsop predicted way back in 1991, that the last mainframe would be unplugged in 1996. Not only did the prediction go wrong, but mainframes are still powering on well into the 21 century.

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