CORE Solutions from Congruent combine the latest technology with Congruent’s deep knowledge of the US retirement markets and world-class delivery capabilities. The technology platforms like COREDC®, and various other point solutions related to specific recordkeeping processes like Payroll, Eligibility, Enrollment, Loans and Distributions have been designed for the Retirement Plan Providers and enable them to manage their record keeping, plan administration and regulatory needs in a streamlined manner.

While developing these products, significant attention has been paid towards the business value that users of these platforms are going to derive from them. The end result of this exercise has been the conceptualization of a technology platform that leverages several of the technology advancements that have come about in the past decade. All packaged in a way that will allow your business to achieve significant monetary and productivity gains allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Explore Congruent’s CORE technology products and solutions, and see how they can help you in transforming the challenges around digital record-keeping and plan administration into business opportunities!